Everyday Living

Our height adjustable lifting systems are adaptable and cater for different people with diverse physical capabilities such as the young or elderly, short or tall and seated or standing positions. They move up and down at the touch of a button and this creates more accessible and flexible living and working environments.

For areas such as the kitchen which is often the hub of activity, our height adjustable lifting systems for wall cabinets, appliance lifts and worktops are able to be adjusted to an appropriate ergonomic height. This makes it easier, safer, convenient and comfortable to carry out everyday tasks or activities.

Other innovative solutions for everyday living include:

  • appliance lifts – are used to raise and lower heavy kitchen appliances in and out of cabinets.
  • island benches – promote ergonomic working environments that cater for various abilities and heights and sizes.
  • desks/tables – our tables and desks are available in freestanding, wall mounted or floor mounted models. They accommodate many different needs and abilities.
  • wardrobe lifts – are designed to lower clothes out and down from the wardrobe at the touch of a button.  This enables easy access and comfortable reach, thus helping to prevent potential risk of accidents or incidents by climbing steps or ladders. It also assists people with existing conditions such as arthritis, neck and shoulder injuries that have limited mobility.

Our products provide practical and cost effective solutions for individuals, families or organisations who want to increase the usability of spaces to cater for changing needs. They can be used in the home, senior living, healthcare, education, workplace and community spaces.

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