Accessible Kitchens

Kitchens are an important element in the home and/or facility and are often the hub of activity. It is important that a kitchen can adapt to meet the changing needs of individuals, carers and other people who share the space, with flexible and accessible options.

Our height adjustable electric lifting systems enable wall cabinets, appliance lifts and worktops to move up and down at a touch of a button.

They promote ergonomic and accessible design by reducing barriers, improving functionality, convenience and comfort, whilst promoting participation, independence, choice and control.

They are designed for use in a seated or standing position and cater for various physical abilities, heights and sizes, different equipment requirements and the changing needs of participants.

Our height adjustable worktops enable easy and direct access in a seated position, allowing users to get their legs underneath (front facing compared to side access) and to carry out tasks without unnecessary stress or strain.

Our height adjustable lifts for wall cabinets (used in a seated or standing position) allow for improved access to wall cabinets and stored items.  This increases the usability and accessibility of the whole kitchen space.

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