Accessible Bathrooms

Our height adjustable washbasin bracket lifting systems allow for adaptability and accessibility for everyone. They are designed for use in seated or standing positions and cater for all stages of life including – the elderly, people or families living with a disability, varying physical abilities and changing needs.

Our height adjustable washbasin brackets support ergonomic and accessible bathroom design by reducing barriers, improving functionality, safety, convenience and comfort. Helping to increase the usability of the space, for everyone, whilst promoting participation, independence, choice and control.


Why would you use a height adjustable washbasin bracket lifting system in the home or facility?

  • Home:   Inclusive Living’s washbasin bracket lifting systems are designed to enable easy and direct access (front facing) in a seated position.  The user is able to get their legs under the washbasin at the appropriate height.
  • Facility:  The height adjustable washbasin brackets also cater for facilities (supported/group homes) who have multiple users that may have varying abilities, heights and sizes or different equipment requirements.

Why is this important?

Using this innovative assistive technology helps to reduce stress and strain, minimise potential risk of injury for users and/or carers whilst providing greater flexibility and functionality for individuals, carers and facilities.   This is compared to using a standard, non-adjustable washbasin/vanity (working from the side) which has poor and difficult access for the user and/or carer.

Take a look at our range of Height Adjustable Wash Basin Brackets and Brochure.  They include electric, gas-lift and manual adjustment models.