Height Adjustable Washbasin Bracket Lifting Systems

Why is it important to get a good start to the day?

Simple, yet basic tasks such as washing your face or hands, cleaning teeth, combing hair or shaving are important to everyone.  They can be taken for granted by some!

Our height adjustable washbasin lift systems allow for adaptability and accessibility and they are designed to assist the elderly, people and families living with disabilities and other people using the space to achieve these simple everyday tasks.


A key consideration is frequency of use:
Electric – for frequent or daily adjustment, individual or multiple users
Gaslift – for infrequent adjustment, individual or multiple users
Manual – for very infrequent or occasional adjustment, individual users

Other considerations when selecting a height adjustable washbasin bracket will include – who is using the space, are they living with a disability or able-bodied or both, changing conditions, growth changes, are there safety issues for users or carers and other factors such as plumbing, flexible waste systems etc.

Whether people need to be in a seated or standing position, it makes the bathroom more functional for everyone. This allows for greater participation, independence, safety and a more respectful environment.

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