Height Adjustable Lifting Systems for Island/Kitchen Worktops

Our Centerlift 960 & 6490 are FLOOR mounted height adjustable island worktops/benches. They are used for many different applications including individual homes, support/group homes (SDA), senior living, education (refer to education brochure), healthcare workplace, hospitality, retail and many other facilities.

They help to promote ergonomic working environments whilst catering for many different needs and abilities, heights and sizes and various different equipment requirements. They are used for seated or standing positions and adjust at the touch of a button.

Available in Two model with various sizes and accessories:

Centerlift 960 – floor mounted or freestanding, enabling easy and direct access from all sides and catering for seated and standing positions.


Centerlift 6490 – floor mounted and has cabinets for storage on one side and open area on the other side, catering for both standing and seated positions.

  • Equipment such as sinks, cooktops, drawers can be installed and are selected based on desired function and they also offer various accessories.
  • Centerlift 960 model is available in many different sizes, with 40cm height adjustment.
  • Centerlift 6490 model is NEW and offers a unique design, one side is for seated or standing positions and the other is for storage. Available in many different sizes for integrated underneath cabinets.
  • Please view our product information to help select the system which best meet the needs and requirements or contact Inclusive Living.