Height Adjustable Lifting Systems for Worktops – Corner Models

Inclusive Living height adjustable electric WORKTOP lifting systems offer adaptability and accessibility to meet different and changing needs for individuals and facilities. Used to raise and lower worktops vertically at the touch of a button, the lifts can be used separately or in conjunction with a wall cabinet lift to totally adapt the application.

Baselift Corner models are available in 3 different configurations, with high (H) front profile or low (L) front profile, wall or floor mounted systems. Plusmodules are added to either left or right-hand side to achieve desired length/width. Lifts can be used for new or existing installations or relocated.

Corner models include:

Why is this important?  Because it offers greater versatility and flexibility for various applications and installations. Please review our products, listed above to help select the systems which best meets your needs and requirements or contact Inclusive Living.

Areas of use include kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dinning and laundries within the home environment and they also suit many other applications, for example:

  • Individual homes – senior living, retirement facilities or aged care
  • Disabilities – individual homes or supported/group homes
  • Hospitals – rehabilitation facilities and other areas
  • Workplace – receptions, offices, canteen/meal room facilities, meeting areas
  • Education – childcare, schools, Tafe, universities. (please see our Education brochure)
  • Other – retail and hospitality, leisure facilities.