About Us

Inclusive Living offer an extensive range of Height Adjustable Lifting Systems/Assistive Technology by Granberg of Sweden who have been designing and developing innovative products for over six decades. They help to create accessible, functional, usable and safe environments.

How? By reducing barriers, making it easier, safer, and more convenient for people of all ages with varying abilities or with different equipment requirements to perform everyday tasks and activities.

What We Offer

Our range includes adjustable lifting systems for wall cabinets, worktops, island benches, appliance lifts, wardrobe lifts, washbasin brackets, nursing tables and sinks.

Used in kitchens, dinning/communal areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundries within the home environment and for many other applications including:

Who Uses Our Products

Individuals or organisations who use, plan, design, develop, build, operate and manage facilities to accommodate the changing needs of people living with a disability or catering for everyday living.

Our height adjustable lifting systems provide practical solutions and embrace inclusive design to help incorporate and/or meet various guidelines including – DDA, community housing, specific NDIS/SDA design standards, liveable housing design guidelines in Australia.

Inclusive Living encourages and promotes participation and independence, whilst creating a sense of well-being to meet the needs and goals of individuals and organisations for now and in the future – improving accessibility for all.