Our Height Adjustable Electric Lifting Systems/Assistive Technology – are innovative products that move up and down at the touch of a button, helping to create more adaptable and accessible environments.

How? By reducing barriers, making it easier, safer and more convenient for people of all ages and varying abilities to perform everyday tasks and activities.

Our range includes adjustable lifting systems for wall cabinets, worktops/benches, island benches, appliances, wardrobes, washbasin brackets and other products. Used in kitchens, dinning/communal areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundries and for many other different applications including:

  • Individual homes – senior living, retirement facilities or everyday living environments
  • Disabilities – individual homes or supported disability/group homes, SDA’s
  • Healthcare – hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and other areas
  • Education – childcare, schools, tafe, universities. (please see our Education brochure)
  • Workplace – receptions, offices, canteen/meal room facilities, meeting areas
  • Other – retail, hospitality, leisure facilities and commercial environments.

Our extensive range of products provide practical solutions for individuals or organisations who use, plan/design, develop, build or modify homes and facilities, especially when requiring flexibility to cater for standing and seated positions for wheelchairs and/or various other mobility aids.

Our height adjustable lifting systems embrace inclusive design methods and support assisted living and help to incorporate and/or meet various guidelines including- group/community housing, specific NDIS/SDA design standards, livable housing design guidelines in Australia.

How? By increasing the flexibility and usability of space, it helps to cater for the changing needs of individuals, carers and the environment.

Inclusive Living encourages and promotes participation and independence, whilst creating a sense of well-being to meet the needs and goals of individuals and organsations for now and in the future – improving accessibility for all.