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Wardrobe Solutions for Everyday Living – Benefits & Outcomes

Inclusive Living provides solutions for retirement/Senior living and people living with disabilities by improving accessibility to many areas of the home and making everyday tasks easy and safe.

One area which can cause unnecessary stress is the wardrobe. Yes, something as simple as getting clothes in or out of a wardrobe can be difficult as we age in place, especially when suffering from conditions such as arthritis, neck/shoulder issues, mobility issues and requiring the use of a wheelchair or walking aid.

Do you want a good start to the day or any time of the day?

Do you need more functional and usable storage space?

Are you trying to declutter or downsizing?

Inclusive Living Electric Height Adjustable Wardrobe Lifting Systems help solve many of these issues and can be fitted into fixed or built-in wardrobes for new or existing wardrobes.

How do they work? At a touch of a button they move clothes out and down to and from the wardrobe, clothes can be accessed in a standing or seated position. This helps reduce barriers, increase functionality, reduce stress and encourage independence/self-care and participation.


Inclusive Living have been able to help many people with the use of Electric Height Adjustable Wardrobe Lifting Systems. One of our customers, Athena, recently installed a Butler 720 system and this was after reviewing and assessing various options.

As a wheelchair user, Athena was unable access her clothes in an easy, safe or convenient manner. Athena said, “this product has made getting my clothes accessible and so easy.”

The reason she selected one of our electric wardrobe systems was to access her clothes at the touch of a button, because the system is designed to move out and down from the wardrobe and can be stopped at her desire position.

This is why “fit for purpose” products can make an important difference to people’s lives, especially for everyday living tasks that support independence and participation.

There are so many other benefits our Assistive Technology offers including; encompassing inclusive design, flexibility within the space, a home-like appearance and not to mention a sense of wellbeing. You can’t put a price on that. For more information about this product and the other services we provide, please visit: www.inclusiveliving.com.au