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Stroke Recovery


After recovering from a stroke, some people return to 100 per cent or very close and others may continue to have impairments. Stroke can effect upper limbs (including shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand) and often one side of body and each person side effects can vary and may include-weakness in limbs, lack of strength, changes in muscles and pain. All these changes can present physical, mental and emotional challenges.

Part of the process after stroke is the recovery and rehabilitation and this includes the assessment of environmental factors, if the person is returning home, especially activities of daily living (ADL’s). This can be one of the biggest challenges facing people in returning home (helping to reduce barriers) as they may not be being able carry out some very basic everyday tasks, such as dressing or meals.

This can have a real physical and emotional effect on people who had been previously independent, and this is why “Environmental/Home Modifications”, fit for purpose assistive technology can play an important part in enabling engagement and participation for long term stroke recovery.

Inclusive Living has a range of assistive technology products help to reduce barriers and make it easier & safer to perform everyday living activities. Examples include:

Electric Wardrobe Lift Systems, Electric Wall Cabinet Lift Systems (kitchen and other areas), Electric Worktop Lift Systems, Washbasin Bracket Lift Systems (for bathrooms) and many other applications.

One of our lovely clients, Paquita, suffered a stroke over 3 years ago and did not have a full recovery and was not able to use or access various sections of her kitchen. Eighteen months ago, after much research and evaluation she invested in modifying areas of her home, which included the kitchen and laundry areas.

Paquita selected height adjustable wall cabinet lifts, height adjustable appliance lift and other modifications to make her kitchen accessible, functional, useable and safe again.

This is what she had to say:

“I love my kitchen, it is Paquita friendly now that the wall cupboards can be lowered to a ‘user friendly’ height so I can reach everything I need for cooking, ingredients, bowls, etc and the under bench shelf that lifts up gives me effortless access to my heavy mixer. As for the side opening door on my new wall oven and the slide out bench underneath ………. why haven’t I always had these! Being able to take a hot pot (or tray) out of the oven at waist height and put it safely onto the bench underneath is amazing and it’s even encouraged me to start to cook again.


Even though my balance is not going to improve my family and physiotherapist are now quite happy for me to be pottering around in the kitchen with these modifications to make access easier and safer.


Kim (Inclusive Living) and Giovanni (Joinery/Installer) have given me back my independence – can’t thank you enough.”