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Solutions for Kitchens When Living With Arthritis

The symptoms of arthritis can often be severe enough to decrease functionality and mobility around the home. This can make everyday living tasks and activities difficult, which raises stress levels and can lead to risky actions.

The kitchen is a key part of the home which may become hard to negotiate, resulting in the above issues coming to the fore. Preparing meals is a key part of life and any hindrance to this daily activity can negatively affect your wellbeing as well as that of others in the household.

It’s important to know that the onus doesn’t necessarily have to be on you to adapt and persevere through your condition in order to continue regular use of your kitchen. There are adaptations and modifications that can be made to your kitchen, improving design features and making it an easier, safer and a more convenient environment to live in with your arthritis.

Height adjustable systems can be installed into any kitchen, increasing accessibility and usability for arthritis sufferers without compromising on a normal home like appearance.

Inclusive Living’s electric height adjustable lifting systems are perfect solutions for arthritis sufferers, encompassing inclusive design and flexibility within the kitchen area.

Our range includes systems for wall cabinets, worktop/benches, island worktop/benches, appliances lifts and for many other applications within the home environment.

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