Height Adjustable Electric Lifting Systems/Assistive Technology – these products move up and down at the touch of a button.

Our range includes adjustable lifting systems for worktops, wall cabinets, appliances, wardrobes, washbasin brackets and other innovative products.  Used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundries and for many other different applications in residential, supported living and commercial facilities.

Our products create adaptable and functional home, healthcare, senior living, education, workplace, commercial and community environments.  How?  By making it easier, safer and more convenient for people of all ages and varying abilities to perform everyday tasks and activities.  Improving accessibility for all.

Our products provide practical and cost effective solutions for individuals or organisations who use, plan/design, build or modify homes and facilities. This increases the usability of spaces to cater for changing needs of individuals in the living and working environments.  Benefits of using this type of assistive technology include:

  • value for money – both for the benefits achieved and the cost of alternative support; such as introducing or increasing attendant care; ongoing modifications or relocation
  • ergonomic design making it easier to use, more comfortable, efficient, less stress and strain, safer by preventing or minimising accidents or incidents and their associated costs
  • personal – promotes control and choice, well-being, respectfulness, privacy and dignity
  • appearance/aesthetics – home-like look and feel, compared to clinical or institutional look and feel
  • flexibility – can be installed into new or existing (retro-fitted) facilities or relocated if required

Height adjustable lifting systems enable, encourage and promote participation and independence, to meet the needs and goals of individuals for now and in the future – they are products that adapt to you.